Combine AI with human expertise for peak efficiency

If you’re not utilizing the latest artificial intelligence in your business, you’re falling behind. Even if you are implementing AI to save time, it’s not 100% accurate. It’s common knowledge that humans are needed to check AI output especially in industry-specific use cases. 

Reach peak efficiency utilizing the latest generative AI technology and Zambia’s brilliant talent. Explore our solutions for your marketing, sales, or customer support teams. 
Case Study
Kinnu, an ed-tech start-up based in London, was spending too much time each week creating content for their learning pathways for their app. Each learning pathway created by Kinnu is around 16,000 words of content and requires 60-100 images. The content is critical for their business but their founders wanted to free up time to focus on higher value-add tasks.
Within 3 days we built a content creation team for Kinnu that leverages ChatGpt and Midjourney, to produce high-quality AI images when traditional methods of searching for images fall short. All images are of high-quality and copyright free. 
Prior to implementing this process, our team would create descriptions for the images and search on the internet using specific sites like Google Image Search, Canva, Unsplash and more looks for images that matched the descriptions and were copyright free, whilst adding in the source of the image. With this new process, Kinnu’s Head of Content saves 18-24 hrs a week. The team is also generating over 1,200 images per month instead of 350 images a month = 3.5x increase in productivity.
  • Social Media Management
  • Information Extraction
  • Prompt engineering for Image Generation
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Contact Enrichment