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English is the native language in Zambia, spoken with gentleness and intelligence, guaranteeing an enjoyable conversation with your customers. We are in the Central African Time Zone and seamlessly work with clients in Europe and North America, as we currently do!

We are a data-driven company that takes your time seriously.
Case Study
Brite Orthodontics is a group of dental offices in North America looking to establish a centralized call center to help with overflow calls and new patient phone calls. They currently have 4 offices under 3 different brands.
Within 3 days we opened our application funnel, interviewed candidates, and put the best candidates forward for Brite to interview. Brite was pleased with the candidates, conducted training, and we had the team operational within 1 week. 
90% success rate placing candidates for Brite, saving time, money, and stress in the sourcing process. Our team had an immediate impact on the overflowing call center, reducing stress for Brite and increasing satisfaction for their patients. 
  • Client facing customer support teams
  • Patient Verification
  • Insurance Verification
  • Patient Support and Scheduling
  • Data Enrichment
  • Claims Processing