Scale affordably.

Build a team specifically for your needs. Yenda gives you faster, affordable access to talent. Flexibility at scale.
Choose your plan
Source project specific talent + ID verification
Team testing + training on your project
Create + share specific guidelines for your project
Project set-up: establish roles + responsibilities, assign KPIs, and activate communication channels (Gchat + Slack)
Time Tracking
Weekly engagement and community building to keep retention + motivation high
Assign Project Lead - you do not manage the team
Management of attendance and team performance
Report KPIs: daily, weekly, or monthly as needed
Feedback loops: monitoring & evaluating
Full Security Package: End to End Encryption, Patch Management all centrally managed
Our Services.
Data Ops
Sourcing and training subject-matter talent
Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RHLF)
Image Annotation
Data Labeling
Data Extraction 
Data Entry
Data Enrichment and Cleaning
CX Ops
Patient Verification
Insurance Verification
Patient Support and Scheduling
Data Enrichment
Claims Processing
Ops with AI
Social Media Management
Information Extraction
Prompt engineering for Image Generation
LinkedIn Lead Generation
Lead Generation
Contact Enrichment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Yenda?

The two common options for operational projects are: in-house or outsourcing to a crowd.

Completing projects in-house is time-consuming and expensive plus your employees could be using their time towards higher value-add projects.

Second, traditional outsourcing to a crowd is the cheapest option but quality is often inconsistent and poor, communication is difficult, there is a lack of visibility to progress being made, and the crowd isn’t managed effectively; you may save money at face value but the mistakes made by the crowd will cost you.

At Yenda, we provide a fully managed service so you can focus on building. We invest time in understanding your company goals and how a specialized team will help you reach those goals. We become part of your team without the overheads.

What is Yenda’s role?

We offer a managed service so you can focus on building. Our responsibility is to understand your business needs and source industry-specific talent to meet those needs.

We source, interview, and select a custom team for your project and train the team on the specific guidelines for your project. We ensure KPIs are hit, give full visibility of the project via Google workspace, and take care of payments.

You don’t have to worry about training the team, quality of work output, payments, or individual engagement.

How do you build a distributed team?

Our unique team-building and work allocation methods bring high levels of engagement that results in quality outputs.

We are based in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, part of our team is in the United States, and our clients are all over the world: San Francisco, Tel-Aviv, New York City, London, etc. We believe all work can be done remotely and we have built systems to enable efficiency.

For all projects, we create a specialized team for you, establish communication protocols, set specific roles and responsibilities, provide training and support, foster team connection and engagement via Slack, and monitor team progress. 

What makes you different from other outsourcing companies?

Our operations and our ethos.

We are different from other outsourcing companies in three key ways:

1. Our commitment to automation: Yenda means to flow; we desire to unlock flow state for our clients, freelancers, and internally so tasks are eliminated and we’re all engaged in our daily work. We fully automate manual tasks and rely on data and feedback loops to improve our services for our clients and freelancers.

2. Our commitment to quality: We understand our clients demand high-quality process improvement solutions and we are committed to delivering them. We have a rigorous screen, training, and managing process to ensure our talent is skilled and equipped for each project. 

3. Our commitment to our freelancers: We’re passionate about holistic development (hard + soft skills) and providing relevant, engaging work for our freelancers (industry-specific). We have strong local relationships which give us an unfair advantage in sourcing emerging talent - we’re determined to unlock their full potential!

Why is it so affordable?

All of our talent is sourced from Zambia: top rated as “Most Educated Country in Africa” by the Economist.

The cost of living in Zambia, on average, is 50-60% lower compared to the United States. So, the price per hour for work is significantly lower while the people are just as brilliant.

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