1. from Nyanja (Zambia): to go, to flow.
Custom-built teams of Zambia's best talent: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, engineers, and more.
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Traditional outsourcing is time-consuming.
Mistakes are expensive.
Your outsourced projects are only as good as the individuals working on it. Completing projects in-house drains time and money. Traditional outsourcing often results in poor quality.
Frustrated with the logistics of managing an outsourced team? Yenda takes care of all freelancer operations (recruiting, on-boarding, project training, payments, & more) so you can focus on building.
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We custom-build teams of Zambia's best talent.
  • We partner with top universities in Zambia to find the right industry-specific talent for you.
  • We create communction channels between you and Yenda project managers.
  • We verify, test, + interview candidates before they work with you.
  • We hand select a team for your project + train them on the role.
Text Extraction needed individuals with legal expertise to extract information and answer detailed, complex questions from Modern Slavery Act documents.
The crowd was unable to deliver.
Within 1 week we selected, trained, and on-boarded a team of law graduates to read, extract information, and answer detailed legal questions on Tasq’s platform.

Result: Accurately annotated legal documents used to train an AI model to detect modern slavery breaches.
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Data Labeling
Our client needed quality instance segmentation performed on hundreds of cells. The client used an automated solution for the initial segmentation. However, it did not accurately label or annotate all the cells.
Within 24hrs we put together a team of final year medical students with expertise in cell biology and image analysis. The team manually annotated the cells in grayscale microscopy images with varied cell types, using a combination of human expertise and AI tools to refine the segmentation algorithm.

Result: Achieved a segmentation accuracy rate of 95%.
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Text Classification
Our client had tons of unstructured data on customer complaints. There was a lot of customer churn and they didn’t know why. You can't improve your product or service if you can't hear what your customers are saying.
Solution: Within 3 days we built a team of graduates with a finance background to label user customer support data for a large fintech company. This revealed key pain points for their 400M+ users.

Result: High quality labeling that provided actionable insights for customer retention.
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Image Generation
Kinnu, an ed-tech start-up based in London, was spending too much time each week creating content for their learning pathways for their app. Each learning pathway created by Kinnu is around 16,000 words of content and requires 15-20 images. The content is critical for their business but their founders wanted to free up time to focus on higher value-add tasks.
Within 3 days we built a content creation team for Kinnu that leverages Generative AI, specifically Midjourney, to produce high-quality AI images when traditional methods of searching for images fall short. All images are of high-quality and copyright free.

Result: Kinnu’s Head of Content saves 18-24 hrs a week.
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Listen to our clients.
Overall I was very happy with the professionalism and care taken in the delivery of the project!
- Shayne, Project Delivery Manager at
The tasks we needed help with were quite complex and required a high level of skills and expertise. I am impressed how our collaboration has grown and absolutely love working with the Yenda team!
- Hannah Celina, Co-founder of Kinnu
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